Canadian Sock Monkey Hostel

February 16, 2009

Monkeys can be Charitable.

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My Mom does weird stuff. She says she’s a chapter leader for this thing called Blankets 4 Canada. I don’t think she knows that chapters are a part of books. Anyways she took me to this meeting where there was sooo much yarn! I’ve never seen so much yarn! And there were warm blankets too. She wouldn’t let me take any home but says she’ll make me my very own from whatever yarn I want!

Mom says that her and the people there make these blankets and just give them away! I say it’s a little strange but it seems to make them really happy. She took some pictures of me at the meeting.

Mortimer in a yarn basket

Mortimer in a yarn basket

I even helped with making the blankets! I sat on this one so it wouldn’t slide off the table. Everyone said I was very helpful! It was kind of fun, but I wish Mom had let me bring some bananas.

Mortimer sits on a blanket

Mortimer sits on a blanket

Mom says she’s going to put updates from my foster moms on here when I’m away, as well as stuff the other monkeys are doing with my family. I guess that’s okay.


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