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February 26, 2009

I’m off to see the world!

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Here it is: Today’s the day I leave my home for 7 long months to stay with foster moms all over the country next door! I was calling it ooohsa, but mom tells me it’s more like the u-s-a. Whatever mom! I’m going there no matter what it’s called!

I’ve got my passport ready, my hair looks awesome and I’ve had good long cuddles with my family. I was going to leave last night but my flight got delayed or something (mom didn’t say exactly).

I’m ready to conquer the world! I know Kung-Fu and how to be a pirate now so I figure that I’m pretty much as ready as I need to be. Oooohsa uhhh U-S-A here I come!

Mortimer Hubert Keanu Johnny Reeves Depp Young, World Travelling Sock Monkey Extraordinaire

P.S. Mom says that will never fit on business cards and I’m going to have to cut out the names that aren’t really mine.

P.P.S. Mom says she’s not getting me business cards so I asked why I have to shorten my name?

P.P.P.S. Uh oh, mom’s getting steamed! Time to go! See you soon world!


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