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June 9, 2009

Clara comes to Canada

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Clara arrived, blurry eyed but ready to party! I made her a buttermilk tea and buckled her in tight and off we went!

asst 008

When I told her we needed her help promoting a charity cause at a “parent fair” she was a bit puzzled. Then I explained that there would be tons of kids there, all admiring her!

She looked at me with her big monkey eyes and asked for hair. (What is it about sock monkeys and hair??) I couldn’t refuse those lovely purple eyelashes. We searched for just the right hair for a beautiful sock monkey princess.

Clara with hair and capelet

With such beautiful hair we had to whip her up a pretty capelet to match. She was so happy she jumped into a box of yarn!

Clara was a great  helper at the LINC parent fair. She guarded the table and schmoozed with lots of kids.

Clara at LINC

clara at LINC

It was great having Clara here. She was silly at times but won our hearts!

Clara helps eat my chocolates

clara cuddles with imogen


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